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Mentor: How Mentorship Helps in Recovery

We’re glad to answer any questions you may have about sobriety coaching and how we can assist you on your path of recovery. Transcend has the following services to make these possible and to ensure that you are not alone as you face the crucial stage of recovery which is the transition to the outside world post-treatment. “We believe that all young people can benefit from having a mentor, but those who may benefit most are those most at-risk for becoming disconnected from school, family, and work,” says Hardy. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the road to recovery in Los Angeles, New York, or Houston, get in touch with one of our confidential Admission Specialists.

  • What’s more, the only thing that they are focused on is your recovery.
  • Finding the right support for your recovery program can mean the difference between struggling and thriving.
  • People with firsthand experience serving as mentors can give advice and help plan actionable steps to keep the person in recovery on track.
  • They also have experience with the often-overwhelming feelings that surface in early recovery.
  • Recovering addicts with a strong support system have a much higher chance of remaining sober and achieving full recovery.

But the programs are limited in their ability to address the causes of youth crime. The Sober Living Network offers training in various aspects of operating sober living homes. Before entering a sober living environment, a person will most likely be tested to ensure they are alcohol and drug-free prior to entering the residence. Sober support people include those who support your sobriety and all that it encompasses. They may not have experience in recovery; however, they may support your endeavors because of a connection to you. Sober support people understand the value of addiction recovery and how you have committed to being a better version of yourself without addictive substances.

Have a Mentor, Be a Mentor

A recovery coach is a mentor who can help you with practical life skills and a recovery plan. For mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or trauma, the services of a therapist in addition to a recovery coach may be in order. A therapist can provide supportive care for mental health concerns, while a recovery coach helps you implement the homework a therapist might give, as well as provide positive support for the work you do with a therapist. Many have been sober in abstinence-based programs for a minimum of five years, others much longer. A good recovery coach has probably faced many of the problems you are facing.

As you attend meetings you will likely identify someone who you think would be a positive mentor for you. Mentorship programs provide accountability throughout the recovery process. https://en.forexpamm.info/7-ways-creativity-supports-addiction-recovery/ Checking in with a mentor at designated times throughout the week can be a good idea to keep someone engaged with the recovery process and accountable for their actions.

Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses

Instead of expecting new residents to assimilate all this information right away, they are generally assigned a mentor. Mentors are individuals who have lived at the sober living house a bit longer. They can help show the newer resident the ropes and help them know where to go, what to do, and how to have fun in sobriety! Mentors for new house members are also often the first to recognize when a person may be putting themselves in danger, struggling with triggers, or dealing with emotional turmoil.

sober mentoring

A mentor can help you transition from a recovery community back into real life. Recovery can be challenging at times, and a sober mentor is there to help you. In general, life can be challenging but adding on the struggle of sobriety may need assistance. When you leave treatment, you may have difficulty adjusting between staying sober, managing triggers, coping, and dealy with new struggles such as financial situations, family, and more. With the help of a sober mentor, you can get the help you need to stay on track. Recovery can be a challenging process, but you don’t have to go through it alone.


After a person has been at their sober living for a few weeks, they may no longer have an officially assigned mentor. But they continue to benefit from general sober mentoring and experience of sober living residents who have been there longer. Since they have gotten through some of the most common challenges of early sobriety, they sometimes have more perspective on these problems. They can help newer house members recognize that their problems are not the end of the world — and that it is possible to get through them. More experienced sober living home residents can also offer emotional support, direct feedback and advice, and other direct forms of assistance.

  • One study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs showed the engaging in “helping behaviors” can actually lower a person’s likelihood of relapsing.
  • Before you find the right mentor, make sure that you are ready to start holding yourself accountable.
  • Our sober mentoring program was born out of the challenges facing our clients, and provides our clients with the support they need to thrive.
  • Quality sober livings are highly structured environments with daily schedules, rules, and expectations.
  • Health and fitness can be an exceptional outlet for someone in recovery.

Consider getting all the help you need to reach your recovery goals. With the significantly long list of responsibilities of mentors and other mental health providers, utilizing a system for optimization is imperative. As a mental health provider, you can enjoy a full-featured, simple EHR solution for your practice. Mentor-provided guidance will help individuals revisit their coping strategies. When the individual feels the urge to consume any substance, they can call the mentor to get the guidance they need. Any caring individual, that has time and feels they have something to offer, should join a program for teens or those in sobriety.

What is Recovery/Sobriety Mentoring?

Facilitating mentorship matches or assigning mentors can help ensure that qualified mentorship is achieved. Recovery mentors teach individuals experiencing substance use disorder how to regain the trust of loved ones. One of the methods commonly suggested is leaving the lines of communication open. Mentors may How Long Does COVID-19 Brain Fog Last? advise keeping contact with loved ones by setting up a time to talk to each other. In most cases, rebuilding the relationship is much easier when they observe a change in previous addiction patterns. Mentors can also help provide the best advice for individuals when creating and repairing their relationships.

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As the client reaches these goals, he or she witnesses the improvements that sober living offers. Sober mentors can be both friends and professionals, yet speaking in concrete terms, sober mentoring is a service that is meant to be temporary. But sober living homes are about far more than just reducing triggers and temptations. Sober livings offer tangible support in the form of staff members and fellow residents. These individuals, who are generally experienced in the recovery process, understand what addiction is like. This can reduce alienation as house members increasingly feel understand.

However, having a sober mentor means that you have a personal cheerleader when you need them. At daily 12-step meetings, Design for Recovery residents build friendships and connections to people throughout the Los Angeles recovery community. Many take on sponsors, or more experienced sober individuals who have finished working through the 12-steps, who help them navigate the difficult terrain of early sobriety. These relationships, like the relationships residents make inside their sober living home, will continue to be an invaluable resource even years after graduating from Design for Recovery. If you or a loved one is now in a sober living facility, or are on a journey to recovery, maintaining sobriety can be daunting.

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